Dragana Gobeljic #17

Geburtstag: 11.06.1988
Geburtsort: Gornji Milanovac
Herkunftsland: Serbia
Spielerin des TKH seit:     
Position: Forward
Größe: 185 cm
Letzter Verein: Slovanka MB (Czech Republic)

Diana Taurasi

Ausbildung, Beruf:

Professional basketball player

2004 – European Championship, 2005 – European Championship, U16 in Italy Silver, U17 in Spain Silver, 2006 World cham., 2006 FIBA cup, 2005-2006 Adriotic league Vojvodina, 2006 World cham., 2007 European cham. 2010 Qualification for European Champ. A nationals Team of Serbia, 2011 National Team of Serbia, U18 Slovakia bronze, U20 in Italy bronze, 2014-2015 Bulgarian Cup, Bulgarian Finalist

Was gefällt dir an Hannover? / What do you like about Hannover?
I like everything about Hannover… a very nice city where you can find everything you need

Warum hast du dich für Hannover entschieden? / What where the reasons for you to come to Hannover?
I have never been in Germany and it was my challenge. I heard that Germany league is very strong, always with a lot of foreign players. I also heard that Hannover club is a great club with good organization.

Was isst du vor einem Spiel?  / What do you eat before the game?
I always try to eat 2 hours or more before the game and if it is possible I like to eat some basic meat with vegetables and always with fresh salad, I prefer a small desert.

Hast du ein besonderes Ritual? / Do you have a special ritual before a game?
I had a ritual before a game to take a nap for 45min but only if games were in the evening. I like to take a walk in the morning on the game day.

Wie bist du zum Basketball gekommen? / Why did you start to play Basketball?
In my home town in Gornji Milanovac in Serbia I had one old basket in front of my house. My dad made it for my older brother. So we always were playing there, comparing our skills and somehow I always win.. And then my love for basketball was born…

Was machst du gerne, wenn du gerade nicht trainierst oder spielst? / What do you like to do when you do not practice or play?
I like to be on fresh air walking and going on coffes. I like to read a book before I go to sleep, and also to put my favorite music on, listen and relax…

Warum hast du dich für eine professionelle Karriere als Sportlerin entschieden?/ Why did you decide to become a professional basketball player?
I like competitions, I like to improve myself, to be better, day by day. I like the feeling after I give a good pass, after I made a basket. Also fans are giving me the reason to give my best every time and to enjoy it.

Welche sportlichen Ziele hast du? / Which goals do you pursue as a professional?
My goals are to enjoy as long as I play, to stay healthy and if it will be possible, to reach to the Euroleague.

Auf welches Spiel in der Bundesliga freust du dich ganz besonders? / Which Bundesliga match do you look forward to most?
I look forward the most to play with Wasserburg and Saarlouis to see where we are and how we are standing against the best in Bundesliga.

Welche Sportarten gefallen dir neben Basketball? / Which sports do you like besides Basketball?
I like football, tennis and stonitennis

Der TKH spielt eine erfolgreiche Saison, weil… / TKH is going to have a successful season, because…
Because we have good chemistry, athmosphere in team, great people around us and I think we practice very hard, so we will be better for sure game by game.